At Unipart Logistics, maintaining the highest ethical, social and environmental standards are essential to maintaining the trust of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers – and underpin the decisions we take every day.

Reducing our environmental impact

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and improving the sustainability of our operations globally, and are passionate about making a lasting difference to the communities in which we operate.

In removing waste from every aspect of our business and our supply chains, we continue to conserve scarce environmental resources. At the same time, we use creativity before capital to solve problems and address issues.

The link between The Unipart Way and our corporate and social responsibility is clear. We develop long term constructive relationships with our key stakeholders in order to share our values and work together for mutual advantage.

This thinking provides us with a framework for positive action that inspires not just our employees but also our community partners.

In addition to the ISO14001 standards, Unipart Logistics operations have achieved BSC 5 Star audit standards across our warehouses and logistics. These are the most stringent within the UK. We retain our focus on maintaining and improving our role as advocates and leaders for corporate social responsibility across all our stakeholder groups.