Can apprenticeships help to drive UK productivity

Can apprenticeships help to drive UK productivity?

unipart_am / 18th July 2016 / Comments (0) recently  looked at the issue of apprenticeships and whether or not they can drive productivity. Research has shown that apprentices can add to a company’s productivity and encourage consumers to be more likely to pay more for goods and services. But leading academics are saying that’s not the case. They have rubbished the government’s apprenticeship schemes […]


Innovation on the calendar at Denman

unipart_am / 5th July 2016 / Comments (0)

Lifelong learning is a mantra bandied about by almost everyone with a connection to schools, education any other form of systematised learning. Despite its popularity, the ‘lifelong learning’ promise is seldom realised. Learning provision often ranges from the highly structured and regimented ‘formal courses’ to the often chaotic and questionable online variety. But nestled in […]