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Essential pieces of the Productivity Puzzle No 1: Build your skill base

unipart_am / 1st April 2016 / Comments (0)

Improving productivity has become a top priority for the UK. But what are the factors that make the biggest difference? This article from the website discusses the importance of skills. Some sources are claiming that productivity improvement will only be achieved through raising the levels of skills in UK employees. The automotive industry, for […]

7 Ways to Make Your Company a Safer Place

7 Ways to Make Your Company a Safer Place

unipart_am / 4th March 2016 / Comments (0)

Safety is at top of the agenda for almost every business leader in Britain. They’ve recognised that removing risks from the shop floor keeps employees engaged and saves money for the organisation. But how do you go beyond the basics to make sure your company is continually improving its safety record? One British company, Unipart, […]

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Five motivators for starting your own business

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What makes the difference between an employee and an entrepreneur? Some would say it’s the basic ‘get and go’ to take the risk to start your own business. But entrepreneurs find that motivation in different places. In a new book called “Just Like You”, more than 50 entrepreneurs from Oxfordshire puzzled out the question: “what […]

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Promote start ups in schools say biz leaders

unipart_am / 18th January 2016 / Comments (0)

Government needs to work harder linking the world of work to school. That’s the view of a group of Oxfordshire entrepreneurs in a new book called “Just Like You.” Over 50 entrepreneurs from a diverse range of businesses across Oxfordshire tell their stories in the book published by Oxfordshire Business First, the not-for-profit company that […]