Promote start ups in schools say biz leaders

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Government needs to work harder linking the world of work to school. That’s the view of a group of Oxfordshire entrepreneurs in a new book called “Just Like You.”

Over 50 entrepreneurs from a diverse range of businesses across Oxfordshire tell their stories in the book published by Oxfordshire Business First, the not-for-profit company that runs innovation events for business.

When asked what government could do to encourage entrepreneurship, the answer was a resounding “much more.”

Clair Panchoo, who runs Born to Be Yummy, called on government to raise the awareness of entrepreneurship in schools.

Her view was echoed by Ben Prior, who started Supercamps and now runs Active Education. He said that children should be educated to view entrepreneurship as a viable alternative to being employed.

“As a country I don’t believe that we’re very good at applauding the success of those people that take risks and start a small business,” said Dave Richards of Prodrive, “If there was greater recognition of this I’m sure more people would start out on this adventure.”

“Just Like You” is a limited edition that presents the stories and views of some of Oxfordshire’s top entrepreneurs. To buy your copy visit

Author: Frank Nigriello
Director of Corporate Affairs at Unipart Group Ltd

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