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Jaguar Land Rover – Implementing Unipart’s Bespoke Dealer Parts Replenishment System

Mallory Mabe / 30th July 2014 / Comments (0)

Having the right part in the right place at the right time is critical to deliver an exceptional customer experience. JLR more than anyone recognise this and have created their innovative Customer First Programme.


Having a world class global parts network is not just about parts in warehouses, but also about the Dealer own parts holding. JLR recognised that they also needed to improve this in the pursuit of delivering and outstanding customer experience.

JLR selected Unipart to provide their bespoke Dealer Parts Replenishment System (DPRS), an innovative solution that provides seamless integration between the brand’s global parts system and the Dealer’s own Dealer Management System.


The system manages  the Dealer’s own inventory automatically, while allowing the dealer retain full control over the stocking policy.  This in turn allows the Dealer to focus on urgent orders and satisfying the customer and workshop demand.

Dealers’ inventory holding, stock turn, availability all improved when DPRS was installed at the Dealership.  Availability Increased by an average of 10% +, Reduction of Dealers Inventory by circa £1M across 85 Dealers in the UK, Spain, Italy and Holland  and a Stock turn Improvement of 7 to 15 in the UK and an average improvement of 2 turns in Europe .


In turn, this improves the overall customer experience by increasing the chance of having the right part in stock at point of demand.  The number of cars off the road awaiting parts, which impacts customers through inconvenience and costs JLR through it’s loan car programme, has drastically reduced, supporting JLR’s overall vision to create products customers will love for life.



“DPRS is easy to use, reduces the stock profile, and identifies new demand early. When you are away from your business you have the reassurance that the order will be processed”.

Tony Williamson, Parts Manager, Guy Salmon, Coventry


“DPRS offers time saving on Stock Order planning, Increased profit margin  as it takes full benefit of daily stock orders, reduced obsolescence risk”

Julio Gonzalez-Cobos, Aftersales Director, JLR South Europe


“The DPRS system is simple to use. Stock Replenishment being automated saves me at least 5 hours per week”

Simon Hunt, General Parts Manager, Lancaster Reading


“DPRS has improved our stock turn and reduced our stock levels, whilst giving us good availability. As long as you let the system work you will wonder how you managed before DPRS”.

Steve Barnett, Parts manager, Swain and Jones, Farnham

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