Helping a Major Vehicle Manufacturer to Smooth the Flow of Engines to their Assembly Line

Mallory Mabe / 30th July 2014 / Comments (0)

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury cars was experiencing an unpredictable supply of engines to its production lines, causing disruption to planned manufacturing schedules.

Occasionally this meant gearing manufacturing plans to accommodate engine supply, rather than customer demand – a totally unacceptable situation.

As engines were supplied from several different sources around the globe, there was no option but to create a stockpile in order to smooth the flow to the assembly line.  The question was where, as there was certainly no room on their site?

As Unipart was already a trusted supplier, with a proven track record of delivering complex logistics with the highest levels of service, they turned to us for assistance.

Our engineering background helped us quickly understand all the issues involved. We had not only the space but also the expertise to design and implement a solution.

This solution enabled us to receive, pack, store and, when required by the production plant, despatch the engines – on a 24/7 basis when necessary. Within 8 days of the ‘go ahead’ our warehouse had in place all the specialist lifting equipment, trained people, packaging materials and control systems needed to receive the first loads of engines.

Unipart also developed a reporting schedule of KPI’s to show the quantity of engines received, in stock and despatched, together with an age profile of the stock and the lead-times through each stage of the process.

The facilities, resources and systems required to deliver this service were all in place on time and also on budget.

From the very first day of operation, the receipt, storage and despatch of engines has fulfilled all of our client’s targets.  Even when there have been changes at short notice, the Unipart team has responded and met the need.

The outcome is that our client is now able to maintain an optimum production plan with no interruptions due to engine supply.

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