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Mallory Mabe / 30th July 2014 / Comments (0)

Long Tall Sally, is one of the world’s leading retailers in the specialised fashion industry, headquartered in the UK with offices in Toronto, Canada. Long Tall Sally is the first stop fashion provider of flattering clothes for women 5’8” (173cm) and above. Long Tall Sally partnered with Tall Girl in an effort to expand their North American Business; this led to increased demand in the US market. In 2010 Long Tall Sally required logistics support covering the US Market due to the greater demand for their products and a reduction of delivery time to both stores and web customers.


An additional challenge was included in the Unipart and LTS partnership, which was the requirement for duty avoidance on all items brought into the US, as these products are available for shipment to the Canadian market. Without this avoidance, LTS would have incurred double duty payments.

Deeply understanding the needs of the LTS business, Unipart Logistics was able to draw on its knowledge of the Unipart Way to propose a cost appropriate solution for LTS over and above that of our competitors enabling the reduction in delivery time to the customer. Moreover, included in the Unipart and LTS partnership was a Foreign Trade Zone in our Atlanta DC to enable full duty deferral on all LTS products stored in the US until the time of sale, greatly reducing LTS’s custom’s duty liability and removing the need for the lengthy duty drawback process; over and above LTS obtaining the service improvements to their customers and stores gained by their new US presence.

Since Go Live the Unipart & Long Tall Sally partnership has gone from strength to strength with LTS increasing their utilisation of the Atlanta facility by 3.5 times it original requirement. This has been driven by LTS’s decision to have Atlanta become their only North American Distribution Centre. With the implementation of the FTZ Unipart has been able to provide LTS with duty deferment on all foreign purchased goods until the point of sale. This is an extremely positive benefit for LTS who have the majority of their stores in Canada. The FTZ allows LTS to utilize Atlanta as the single DC for North America maintaining the most cost effective solution whilst also enjoying the full benefit of no US duty required on all items that are destine for the Canadian Market.


As the partnership has developed we have worked together to improve the service provided to LTS’s end customer by applying the principles of the Unipart Way to obtain considerable benefits within the LTS supply chain, chief amongst them is the receipt to bin time. This has reduced from in excess of 50 elapsed hours to less than 8 in 2014, ensuring that LTS can present their new season product quicker, increasing saleability as well as increasing the satisfaction of the end customer when shopping for new season items. Also of note is the increasing stock accuracy of the North American DC, as of 2013 stock take result of 0.2% on all stock.


Unipart has most recently been awarded the system returns processing which directly credits the customer for their return, providing the benefit of greatly reducing the time it takes for the customer to get their money refunded compared to the previously available process; again a proactive step to improving customer service and showing the partnerships commitment to continuous improvement and deeply understanding our customers.


“After an extensive tender process Long Tall Sally selected Unipart as our fulfilment partner in North America. Unipart were able to offer all of the services required and most importantly provide LTS’s with an advantageous solution through the Foreign Trade Zone for moving goods in bond.  Over the last year and half our area has more than doubled in size and we have worked together to overcome new challenges.  I’m happy to report that Unipart comfortably achieve service levels for despatching our ecommerce and store orders within 24 hours.”

Alison Dotherty, Long Tall Sally

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