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Mobis – Next Day Deliveries Through Creative Solutions

Katy Farrington / 6th November 2014 / Comments (0)

Mobis, the parts operation of Kia and Hyundai cars, was building a new 220k sq.ft. warehouse in Tamworth to support the Kia and Hyundai dealers in the U.K. They were looking for a different kind of logistics provider with deep expertise in the automotive sector and in managing complex supply chains to help design and implement the warehouse and manage and run the operations and the distribution network to the dealers.

After being awarded the business, Unipart worked effectively with Mobis to successfully transition the Kia and Hyundai businesses from other logistics providers to the new site, including the TUPE transfer of staff. Unipart has drawn on its expertise in managing complex supply chains and its proven track record in engaging all its’ people in continuously improving what they do every day to deliver an unparalleled next day delivery service to all dealers over the last five years. Furthermore, as the business continues to rapidly expand, Unipart has implemented a number of creative solutions to achieve optimum cube density and maximise storage capacity to delay additional investment in the building.

Unipart has consistently delivered an exceptional service to all dealers with error levels operating at 5.3 sigma levels or just 2 errors per week out of 40,000 order lines picked. Furthermore, an additional 30% in storage capacity has been created in the last two years by the application of best practice warehousing standards. As a result of the exceptional levels of performance and strong customer relationships, Mobis has recently extended our contract for a further five years.


“What Unipart brings is a long history within the UK automotive supply chain with Jaguar Land Rover, The London Taxi Company and more recently Tata, Toyota and Volvo and we were very impressed by the ethos and corporate culture. It’s very people-centric. They care. A feeling about Unipart is that they want to buy into Mobis, that they want to understand how our business works and they want to understand how the service that is provided can be mutually beneficial for everybody”

  Rob Coles, Operations Manager MPEUK

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