Pro-Direct Sport – Enabling Seamless Growth in Warehousing, Distribution and Value Added Services

Mallory Mabe / 30th July 2014 / Comments (0)

 Pro Direct Sport is a leading player in online sports retail; who are always connected, always current and always accessible for athletes everywhere who desire more than the high street can give.

Pro-Direct has established long-standing relationships with the world's leading sports brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma and is therefore able to offer many exclusive lines.

Established in 1981, Pro Direct Sport founded the world's largest online football store in 1999. To stay ahead of their competitors in the sale of sporting goods online, PDS required a distribution presence in the US to provide a competitive purchasing option to the consumer in the US market rather than providing purchasing and distribution services from the UK.

Pro Direct partnered with Unipart Logistics for their US warehousing and distribution needs. Unipart were able to provide PDS with the global reach they require whilst maintaining a close and open relationship.

Unipart Logistics have been able to provide PDS with US warehousing and distribution services as well as value added services many other 3PL providers would not support such as boot personalisation embroidery. Unipart is supporting a world class US solution including warehousing services (inbound, outbound and returns processing) as well as distribution services via wide ranging freight solutions such as next day service.

Unipart Logistics has been able to draw on its knowledge of the Unipart Way to enable seamless growth for Pro Direct in the warehousing and distribution services of four times their original requirement.

The Unipart and Pro Direct relationship has flourished over the last four years with positive growth demands on warehousing and distribution underpinned and driven by increased demand. Unipart has worked closely with PDS to successfully support many promotional seasons even providing 24 hour shift patterns in support of customer needs.  The greatest testament to the success of the Unipart/PDS partnership is PDS’s award of European distribution to Unipart Logistics in Germany.

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