Unipart Aftermarket Logistics wins Editor’s choice at SHD Logistics Awards

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SHD Awards Winner Logo - Editors Choice[6]

Unipart Aftermarket Logistics, part of the Unipart Group, has won the SHD Logistics Editor’s Award, chosen by the SHD Logistics Editor Peter MacLeod.

The SHD Logistics Editor’s Award recognises a particular organisation or project that catches the Editor’s eye out of the very best companies within the logistics and supply chain sectors.
Congratulating Unipart Aftermarket Logistics on the award, Peter MacLeod went on to explain why they were his entry of choice. “Unipart Logistics is a company that has impressed me from the moment I stepped through the doors of its Cowley HQ, from the quality of the reception I received, the service I received in the staff restaurant, to the passion and enthusiasm of the employees I met during my tour.

“I have chosen Unipart Logistics as winner of the Editor’s Choice Award because, in a year when competition in every category has been very strong, Unipart could have won one of several category Awards. With Awards going to companies that have shown excellence in a particular project or towards a particular client, Unipart has shown excellence across multiple disciplines and multiple clients. In simple terms, it doesn’t create isolated spikes of success that may catch the judge’s unanimous attention, but everything it does it does exceptionally well – all the time, and not just during Awards season. It is in the business of turning its clients into award-winners.
“Unipart Logistics are worthy recipients of one of our highest-level awards, and I am delighted to recognise the success of an innovative, ambitious and, let’s not forget, profitable British company”

Unipart Aftermarket Logistics was also shortlisted for this year’s Innovation Award as well as the Large Warehouse Operations Award. This year’s entry was based on the outstanding work carried out by Unipart Packing Solutions.

The Unipart Packing Solutions business began operating in 2007, packing automotive body panels on behalf of a major automotive client and was created to provide a solution to a problem which the client couldn’t resolve internally.

Since 2008 this operation has grown organically and taken on more and more of its client’s packing business. By mid-2013, it had established a two site operation and is now undertaking around 95% of its client’s packing business. Fundamental to the success of this contract has been the team’s ability to operate according to the Group’s proprietary version of operational excellence, known as The Unipart Way. This is a philosophy of working underpinned by tools and techniques that inspire efficiency, flexibility and outstanding customer service into any working process.

Unipart Aftermarket Logistics looks forward to making 2015 another successful year with its clients, sharing with the Industry how they do things, the Unipart Way.

Mike Varnom, Managing Director at Unipart Aftermarket Logistics “I am very proud of Unipart Aftermarket Logistics for this recent achievement. This award shows recognition for the high quality service we offer throughout our business and supports our genuine focus on developing real partnerships with our customers. At Unipart Aftermarket Logistics, we continue to challenge the norm. We aim to find better answers and by driving innovation we continue to design solutions for our customers that add real value and underpin their commitment to their customers’ experience”

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