Unipart Wins Additional Contract with Toyota in India

Mallory Mabe / 12th February 2014 / Comments (0)

Unipart has won an additional contract with Toyota in India. Unipart will be
responsible for distribution operations in Kolcata (Calcutta).

This is Unipart’s second logistics contract with Toyota in India. The first contract
started at the Bangalore site in March 2012.

According to Mike Varnom, Managing Director of Unipart Aftermarket Logisics,
Toyota’s operations were already at a very high standard before Unipart began
working with them.

“Toyota was looking for a step change improvement in their key performance
indicators and a reduction in cost for their distribution operations,” said Varnom.
“They also wanted a partner who would share their philosophy.

“The Toyota distribution centre was already at a very high standard, but Toyota
wanted to take the next step and improve performance even further. So when we
started, we had the daunting task of improving a distribution operation that was
already very strong.

“The Unipart team has taken that challenge on board and has been able to deliver
zero errors in shipments to dealers over a sustained period. We’re obviously now
working very hard to keep that track record in tact.”

According to Varnom, Unipart now has an established set of distribution facilities in
India, which is considered to be one of the hardest places in the world to operate.

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