UTL Launches Strategic Partnership With Software Solutions Business Pervacio

Mallory Mabe / 10th February 2014 / Comments (0)

UTL has entered into a strategic partnership with software solutions business Pervacio, branded as
Unipart Software Solutions (USS). USS will implement the Pervacio software suite in the UK & ROI,
solutions include; forensic level data wipe solutions, repair and returns avoidance, software
flashing, and network software provisioning.

UTL has been working closely with Pervacio to implement Data Wipe solutions for its existing portfolio
of mobile customers and, as a result of synergies between the two organisations UTL was first to
market with forensic data wipe solutions across mobile and tablet devices in the UK, bringing UTL to
the forefront of the data security and device provisioning market.

Through this partnership UTL have implemented market leading solutions for Manufacturers and
Networks, as well as new customers in the recycling and end-of-life market places, where data
security is critical. UTL identified the threat highlighted in last night’s Channel 4 “Data Baby” exposé
many months ago and has worked with UK forensic companies to test many “solutions” – finding only
one that truly wipes all data from the device and therefore creating the USS offering with Pervacio US.

UTL’s Managing Director Claire Walters said; “An increasing issue across the mobile industry is
keeping data safe and enabling businesses to have device ready handsets for their employees. More
and more of our daily activities are carried on our mobile devices, storing, sending and receiving huge
amounts of personal and corporate data, along with the shift in the use of devices as payment
methods. We engaged the market and decided to partner with a software company that was
developing a number of solutions to tackle this.”

Pervacio’s Chairman, Founder and CEO Sanjay Kanodia said “In order to grow the Pervacio business
in the UK and Ireland we needed a strategic partner, UTL were an obvious choice. Their knowledge
and experience of market, aided by their ability to learn and implement our solutions quickly were a
real fit with our business. Together we have already delivered a number of successful solutions to
UTL’s customers, providing real tangible benefits for all. Consumers need to be assured that all
personal data on their mobile phones is destroyed and we have the full solution.”

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