Audit and Compliance

Unipart’s Freight & Compliance team maintain a strong presence in various trade forums. This allows us to gain insight into the new or changing legislative landscapes, which in turn ensures that products get delivered faster to market.

As an AEO-C certified partner, we are focused on secure supply chains and continuous improvement.  We provide:

  • Custom freight simplified procedures
  • Return goods relief
  • Customs warehouse storage
  • Robust security regimes

Customs compliance and clearance

HMRC has undergone many changes in recent years, making many HM Customs systems audit-based. Our global freight team deliver compliance with all Customs requirements, as well as help increase awareness of Customs responsibilities for our customers. We aim to:

  • Understand your business processes to create & maintain your compliance profile
  • Reduce costs to your fiscal supply chain by removing the risk of extra duties or taxes
  • Increase awareness of your responsibilities through Compliance Planning Training

Contact us to find out more about how we can reduce your compliance risks and save on duty costs.