Customer Services

We interact with our customers on average 200,000 times a year. That’s 200,000 pieces of business intelligence every year; imagine what that could tell you about your business?

We provide insight via mutually agreed analytical feedback based on the issues that affect your business most, as well as identifying market specific issues.

Our approach is driven by the Unipart Group Philosophy which is critical in guiding everything that we do:

“To understand the real and perceived needs of our Customers better than anyone else and serve them better than anyone else”

This Philosophy provides the framework through which we have developed and enhanced our Customer Service capabilities to offer more that ‘just Global Call Centres’ by demonstrating our commitment towards truly understanding the needs of our clients and customers.

More than just a call centre

The trusted relationship between the customer and our service teams mean that we understand what is important to the business. Unipart’s name is synonymous with quality, consistency and reliability whilst having an innovative forward-thinking approach.

We pride ourselves on being much more than ‘just a call centre’, by empowering our teams to understand the root cause, and resolve issues quickly.

Customer and Employee Engagement

Much of the success in winning and retaining business with customers hinges on how engaged they feel with the supplying organisations across numerous different aspects. Through high levels of customer engagement we focus on building strong enduring long term relationships, thereby truly understanding the needs of our customer and enabling us to deliver an outstanding experience to our customers.

Our Employee Engagement programme helps to build a culture that inspires and enables our people to go the extra mile and actively seek opportunities for continuous improvement in everything they do.

Contact us to find out how we can support you in offering a more rewarding experience to your end customer.