Unipart has 20 years proven experience in designing packaging, as well as optimising our current packaging as part of its continuous improvement programme. We work closely with suppliers to understand the movement of parts through the supply chain and the pressure points that require protection. We ensure the right packaging is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Damage avoidance
  • High transport utilisation
  • Dense storage
  • Low environmental impact

The principles learnt within our industry focus on avoiding damage of parts through the inbound and outbound processes, whilst striving to reduce the cost of packaging.

Packaging service for standard and custom freight

We optimise the packaging design, taking into account:

  • Cost
  • Applicable regulations
  • Manual or mechanical handling
  • Transport mode
  • ISO14001 and health & safety regulations

This knowledge is an important strength and capability that allows Unipart to negotiate with vendors on the packaging of parts (primary, secondary and tertiary packaging), the labelling of the parts, barcode type, and the usage of returnable pallets or containers.

Unipart work with their customer to analyse current parts flows, packing locations and the related costs, cost of packaging, as well as proposing alternative sources of supply and packaging design without impacting on quality and regulations.