Inventory Modelling

Forecasting and demand planning

Our established skills in forecasting and demand planning have rapidly grown from the foundations of our automotive heritage to reach across additional sectors, including rail and technology.

Not only do we have a proven track record of constantly reducing inventory while cultivating availability to customers, but we also manage high levels of product changes through the aftermarket supply chain to deliver the customer service and availability from the start.

Reducing Inventory

We pride ourselves on delivering constant step changes in customer performance for our clients whilst reducing the supply chain costs and inventory investment. Forecasting and demand planning are critical to achieving this optimal balance between service and costs.

There are three key stages to forecasting and demand planning:

  • Strategic aim
  • Policies
  • Execution

Setting the direction and strategy for the desired outcome is imperative in ensuring the correct forecasting and planning parameters are applied.

New Part Introduction

Over the years, Unipart has managed more than 9,000 new part introductions. This high level of change is managed by working closely in partnership with our clients, integrating the processes within our Unipart Business System and managing via a series of traffic light controls to detect where activity is outstanding or delayed.

When it comes to Inventory Modelling for new part introductions, our key business objectives are to:

  • Ensure the product is available globally within the network to meet the customer requirements at launch
  • Optimise inventory holding
  • Reduce risk of inventory obsolescence.

We have consistently delivered client performance measures of 96%+ available product at point of ship, whilst reducing obsolescence risk by 60%.