Supply Chain Re-engineering

Supply chain strategy

We can support you with re-engineering your Supply Chain, helping you to make strategic and tactical decisions about your supply chains.

We take a holistic approach that sees supply chain strategy not in isolation, but as a way to deliver value in support of your overall corporate objectives. We help you to define the best possible operating philosophy, infrastructure, organisational structure and supporting technology.

Using a combination of best-practice tools, in-house methods and practical experience, we create sustainable solutions that help you to understand the latent potential in your supply chain as well as identifying the vulnerabilities.

Supply chain costing techniques

We identify some of the most common techniques for lowering inventory levels, including:

  • Where and how value can be added to the customer proposition
  • How the strategy will influence business KPIs and performance levels
  • What the resource and cost drivers are within a supply chain
  • The trade-offs: cost, return on assets, and customer service
  • How change can be achieved in a controlled manner

Our supply chain strategy consulting areas include:

  • Strategy development, for example, service costing, infrastructure requirements and inventory policy
  • Concept generation, such as warehouse layouts and automation
  • Design of processes, facilities and holistic solutions

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