Transport Management

Logistics transport management

Unipart operates as freight managers, selecting and managing a spectrum of freight carriers to ensure the correct mode of transport is secured based on the service required, volume and cost parameters. With over 30 years experience in the logistics arena and established professional staff, we provide in-depth knowledge and experience when selecting a carrier for customer requirements or for other business units within the Unipart Group.

Within the Freight & Compliance team, we hold responsibility for the collection from suppliers worldwide, consolidating where possible and transporting them into Unipart operations. We are experienced in operating a global collection and a consolidation service while providing the following services:

  • Freight purchasing for both outbound and inbound transportation
  • Carrier invoice checking to ensure costs and service has been delivered
  • Management of all domestic, European and overseas carriers
  • Compliance for European and overseas market legislation
  • Maintaining and extending fully compliant HMRC Customs Simplifications
  • Maintaining and extending the use of supply chain security regimes
  • Product compliance for all markets.

In addition, Unipart provide a timely dispatch of packed product to its worldwide Regional Distribution Centres, to the global importer network and individual customers in both Europe and the USA.

The scale of activity is 20,000 supplier collections, 2,600 sea containers and 7,000 airfreight shipments made to Unipart’s regional warehouses each year.

We distribute to 9 Regional Distribution Centres, which have their own domestic transport management teams supported by the UK. These resources can be flexed and managed centrally to ensure full coverage is achieved to match customer requirements.

The Global Freight and Compliance team utilise the Global Logistics Application Suite (GLAS), working with their supply chain partners to understand the processes that are followed and the impact of change on freight, in terms of:

  • Container fill volumes
  • Packaging constraints
  • Mixing & matching different products
  • Lead-time