Global aftermarket systems

Unipart has made substantial investments in its application portfolio in the last 15 years. With the ever increasing need for IT, not only to support Unipart’s business needs, but to drive forward major improvements in services and offerings on a global basis, Unipart has developed the Unipart Business System (UBS). Unipart now offers a truly integrated global aftermarket system that is proven to provide fingertip control of complex global aftermarket operation. UBS, with a number of specialist systems has been designed specifically for the aftermarket arena to manage the end to end supply chain from Supplier through to Customer.

The benefits of Unipart Business System are many-fold, but the key ones include:

  • Integrated end to end system
  • One version of the truth
  • Transparency across the extended supply chain
  • Fully supported 24×7 x 365
  • Global, multi-lingual platform including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian

The underlying technical architecture is designed to provide a robust and agile platform that ensures systems and information can be accessed through multiple routes, for an array of different users with a global reach.